The summer school went very well in the end, despite the usual last minute adjustments.  The weather did its best to not cooperate, beginning with severe storms Sunday which ensured that many participants got in very late and would be appropriately zonked for the first day of class.  We then had to get extra bus service for lunches and finally, after weathering the major storms to the end, PEPCO hicupped on a tiny shower Wednesday afternoon so that the remainder of the school relied on canned data.  Nonetheless a good time was had by all.

As evidence of fun I submit the accompanying photograph.  Apparentlly one of the students decided it would be particularly amusing to inform the Guappo's staff that it was my birthday (it was not even close).  At the end of the meal, as I was trying to organize payment and the departure, I found myself surrounded by the staff, presented with the sombrero and sung to -- the students thought this was just hilarious for reasons that escape me completely.
Other summer School Pics: